How-to: Disable Bluetooth on Startup (Ubuntu 13.04)

Somehow whenever I boot up my Ubuntu, Bluetooth would be set to ON. Ubuntu didn’t seem to remember whether Bluetooth was set to ON or OFF from last session. Personally I don’t use any Bluetooth input devices. I’d like to have it OFF so that it doesn’t waste battery.

Be warned: This tutorial may only applies to System 76 Gazelle pro running Ubuntu 13.04 64-bit. There is also a risk that your Ubuntu splash screen will behave a little differently after applying the change.

There is a good post for fixing the problem. But in case of System 76 Gazelle pro running Ubuntu 13.04 64-bit, you only need to apply the following steps. (I guess it is due to more customized driver?)

1. It is recommended that you back up your config file first.

$ sudo cp /etc/bluetooth/main.conf /etc/bluetooth/main.conf.bak

2. Open up the config file in a text editor

$ sudo gedit /etc/bluetooth/main.conf

3. Change InitiallyPowered = true to InitiallyPowered = false.

And you are done! Reboot your machine and see the result yourself.


If you set Ubuntu to login automatically like I did. Then you might be prompt for login keyring after rebooting. To get rid of the keyring dialog you need to do the following.

1. Launch Passwords and Keys through Utility Launcher.

2. Go to View–>By keyring. You should see the following window.

3. Right click Login, choose Change Password. Type in your old password, then leave new password as empty.

That’s it. Enjoy!